Saturday, September 16, 2006

What would it be like?

I got into thinking one day as I stared at the colorful display of life progressing around me.

What would it be like if instead of reading “Minimum Fare” on PUVs we see the sign “Minimum Fear: Getting robbed at gunpoint or ice pick”. (It should be better than getting bruises and your brain getting quaked after head-on collision with a ten-wheeler truck. Or worse, falling into a deep excavation.)

And what happens when you slam dunk a donut? (Kids, don't play with your food!) Or will Miss Donut be wearing – instead of a crown – a donut? Uhmm... a flavored halo?

And is the toilet (the less sophisticated term for rest room or CR) the shortcut for TOY outlet? (Wahahaha!! Mura'g bad man to.)

And what if the earth occasionally stops rotating and revolving?

What if we all lose our hair? Then we won't need shampoo, conditioner and hair parlor services. And not to mention hairbrushes or combs that come in all shapes, colors and “quality”. But the hat industry would be in boom. (Wow, hats are cool!) And probably the wig production, too. Waahhhh... then our scalps need sunscreen, too.

And what if each Filipino is required to plant and grow a tree or two? That would be an enormous addition of more than 80 million oxygen emitters. (Hayyy... some air.)

And what happens when all communication systems and internet servers went down for 24 hours at least? Would that translate to quality time for families and loved ones? Or would we only see the harm it does to businesses?

What if there's a camera with two types of lens: one that can see through the positive and the other, the negative traits of a person? Would that change anything at all?

What if raindrops for a minute or two turn to flowers when they touch your skin? Would you see its beauty, or the litter it creates in the streets, roofs, the seas, rivers – anywhere?

How often do you say, “Thank you”, “I love you”, “Good morning/afternoon/evening/day/night”, "Sorry" or offer the warmth of your smile?

How often do you go to the comfort room everyday?

Would you appreciate a No Vehicle Workday?

How far can you walk and explore without spending a single centavo?

What if the clothes, shoes, bags, furnitures (and other) manufacturers stop producing goods? We don't need all those extra stuff, and the mountains of trash they create. But we need the jobs. *sighs*

What if time comes when women are no longer capable of conception (meaning, the world population has reached its limit)? Then we would make the most of what we have. And marriages would be merely meant for companionship.

Has the TV created such an illusion that we consider our lives less interesting than those we see in it?

What if everyday we hold a masquerade? (Yup, the party!) Wouldn't it be too expensive a lifestyle?

What do you like best about your job? How did you come to choose your occupation?

Consider the following couplet for a while:
“I hate the blues

because I had no shoes...
until upon the street,...
I met a man who had no feet.”

How often do you count your blessings?

What would you be more scared of – being chased by a mad dog or stepping into a quicksand?

How often does your rude side come to the fore?

How about dropping a coin or two daily in our spiritual banks? What if we make it a habit to contribute to charities? What if we highlight the good things and downplay the unpleasant?

What if we're only allowed a maximum net worth, the amount in excess will be given to the needy? What if a day's earnings in lotto would be collectively used for a worthy cause once a week/month?

What if men become women for a day? And the other way around? Would things turn out better? What if babies can walk, talk immediately after birth? Would that decrease our life span?

If Veronica decides to die, what if Jolina one day decides to do bold? What if the day comes when ugly becomes beautiful? Would it take darkness to see light? Opposites to recognize the significance of similarities? A certain complex to appreciate simplicity? A kind of mess to value order? Too much heat to appreciate the rain?

What if death is at an arm's length from you?

Would the prisoners or deprived ones turn out better writers?

Sometimes we have become used to saying “for men/women”, we forget that some just need to hear “panlalaki/pambabaye” to get the message across.


Treasures need not be hunted - look no farther.
FYI: Toilet originally meant a lady's draped dressing-table.

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