Friday, January 09, 2009

Ending 2008 with a Bang!

After revisiting a post written as 2007 ended, I got inspired to write a similar one for 2008.

Some things worthy of revelry:

  1. Overcoming the challenges at work.
  2. Baby Raj’s First Birthday!
  3. Having a great family.
  4. Raj doing great even with his parents away.
  5. Always having a grand vacation time with family.
  6. Having been able to support my sister and parents in their endeavors.
  7. Great friends outside work.
  8. Great new friends at work.
  9. Getting a taste of the things I love doing or at least love to try like:
    1. jamming with a band
    2. taking a very short theatre acting course
    3. volunteering for Gawad Kalinga
    4. volunteering to give cheers for the sick and elderly organization
    5. organizing our company’s blood-letting activity
    6. watching Air Supply’s concert Live!
    7. mangrove tree planting
    8. donating for other worthy causes (typhoon victims, student scholars, etc)
    9. joining toastmasters club
    10. sharing an unforgettable moment/spotlight with our company’s Country Manager
    11. participating in our company’s Christmas party through a group dance number – with positive feedback =)
    12. taking a short fashion accessories class
    13. joining the Moms’ club in our office
    14. dined at fancy restaurants
    15. re-processing my passport application
    16. videoke with friends/officemates
    17. Christmas party with my husband’s family
    18. videoke up to sawa with family on New Years’ Eve
    19. grand Christmas vacation with family (three weeks!)
  10. Being in a really positive working environment.
  11. Movies I enjoyed watching.
  12. Books/articles I enjoyed reading.
  13. Having finally parted from an abusive/offensive lead.

On the other hand, here are some feats to achieve this year (2009):

  1. Going home every three months to spend time with my baby.
  2. Starting to operate a small business.
  3. Finding a great place to settle down (Dipolog City).
  4. Raj turning Two years old!
  5. Taking piano lessons.
  6. Welcoming new people into my life.
  7. Contributing more as a person.
  8. Contributing more as an employee (Improving technical and leadership skills, and helping organize community activities).
  9. Taking on a more positive life perspective.
  10. Making bolder moves.
  11. Getting a healthy lifestyle (like healthy food, exercise, dance routine, and… gym? Yoga?).
  12. Time management.
  13. Helping my sister fulfill her dreams.
  14. Buying that book by Steve Chandler.
And the list could go on... Happy New Year, everyone! =)

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