Saturday, January 12, 2008

At The Beginning of the Journey

Many of us go through our lives with countless ideas in mind on how to make our lives better. We occasionally do a rundown of the things we want to accomplish, say, in a year’s time or so. And sometimes we become so engaged in our own thoughts that we believe that someday, it will all come to reality. Someday.

But then all of a sudden, we pull to a stop in our tracks. We shake our heads in disbelief and sigh at how quickly we can get carried away, thinking about those things. A little later, we’re ready to leave the ideas altogether. What went wrong there?

You see, if our ‘buts are not too big’ (thanks, MarkJeee for the link), we would have been better than how we are now. Somehow, we have this responsibility of gaining wisdom at everywhere we turn to and finding answers in our own chase, and after which, sharing them with others.

Anyway, today is the wedding of my sister-in-law, Kimmy (Karl’s younger sis) in Dipolog City and Raj and I won’t be there to witness the event for some reasons. I just wish the couple wonderful years of life together. For truly, finding the person to spend the rest of our life with can be such a tricky enterprise and can sometimes take a lifetime to achieve.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy to be New

It's new year and hello bloggers' world! We're back from vacation and what can one expect? New hopes, new leaps, renewed determination and courage, everything new. Even the house will never look the same again. Everyone is trying to live up to the new year's expectation and I am no exception.

It's amazing to be back! It's been nothing short of a great time off. Really.

I have posted photos instead of blog entries... there's no need for words to describe Holidays with family. You can view some photos here.

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