Friday, December 15, 2006


Since I’m having my usual nausea while at the office (some places to be can be a lot worse), I’ve decided to write since I can’t concentrate on my task. Frequent evening sickness (and occasionally in the morning like today) define me these days. I already lost 2 lbs since I’ve had this baby. It’s been 11 weeks and 3 days now.

What makes things more difficult is that we still have yet to settle our living arrangements (simply because other things come first) and the first trimester is the most difficult stage in pregnancy. So mostly, I’ve been going through all these by myself. Sometimes I just cry of laborious effort and I always pray to get home safe.

I almost fainted once while walking in a crowded place since I missed the scheduled time for dinner. Clearly one of those moments that I consider miraculous such that I survived unscathed.

I’ve had fever, severe colds and slight cough. Sometimes I miss the daily milk intake since I’m too weak to even prepare the drink. Occasionally, I sleep with nothing in my tummy but a prayer that my baby will still be okay.

But we are holding on.

Everyday, I long to seek refuge to my parents’ home. Where we can walk our doggies, Phoebs and Barney, to the beach. Where we can eat everything I crave for – all natural and fresh. Where we can enjoy serenity at its best: me, my baby, and Karl.

Hang in there, my love. Hapit na bakasyon!!!

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