Saturday, October 27, 2007

Where i am is where i wanna be

I am so bursting with so many ideas and sometimes I just ditch them without getting them to come to fruition, with nary a single step ahead after a modest effort. And when boredom pays me a visit (like it regularly does) later, I find myself recovering saved files and reviving the will to continue where I left off. This is turning to be a vicious cycle.

Because I’ve got all the reasons why you and I should love life – and it’s all meant for good lovin’ and sharin’. This is all about the good things in you. The good things that gets you in control.

What makes your day today good/great? What good/great thing(s) have you done this day? For the last couple of months? For the year whose end is about to draw near?

For the first two questions, I asked some friends and here are their answers:

I got a job offer… and my program worked! –– smooth escape

My day is very great today because I have just realized my value as a friend and colleague here in the office. My officemates demonstrated today their support to me. They have given me a very memorable surprise baby shower. –– sha

(1) that i have a job that pays me and looking forward to the end of the day when I will meet up with good friends... (2) smiled... dropped a good word for a friend... encouraged somebody. ­–– fritzie

The only good and great thing is that I have survived another day in a controlled and manipulated society. –– bolas (I swear this person always makes me laugh.)

I completed a level 4 sudoku puzzle. –– guile

Spending my day with nice people. –– martha

you've known me naman, everyday is a great day for me (happy go lucky). well for one thing I’ve learned a new thing or two, no matter how small. I am working and the best of all is I’ve lived my day the way I wanted it. –– jovir

For the first question, everytime my husband goes home in the morning (he’s in night shift) then my baby boy wakes up because he hears his father's voice. For the second, a simple smile that I can share to everyone… –– bench

so far focus ko sa work karon kai naa mi deadline.. i feel great kai grabe kadako sa trabaho ang gihatag sa akoa.. diba moingon man dayon ta nga sus kapoia ani ako team leader oi.. ako man pirmi hasolon.. pero sayop diay na nga attitude.. dako ang gihatag nga work sa imoha kai salig siya nimo... and so far mao na ako nakita sa ako team leader karon sa akoa.. and i feel great nga naay nisalig sa akong skills... –– forrest gump

Haha. Fridays are always great. This day passed quickly but it was a long day still. I accomplished lots of things at work. Later I'm going out with my friends for a coffee date and videoke. =) –– brewed

discovering i have a good talent in writing poem makes my day great; i've written a good poem for today. ahahahahahahaha! bastos man ng balak oi. –– iescarro

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Got this from somewhere I cannot remember… De-stressing tips

* Allow yourself some private time each day, even a minimum of a half hour.

Hmm… if possible, I want to get rid of the computer in our room.

* Pray and meditate.

I always do pray… but not meditate.

* Take a long walk. Exercise that relaxes and gives new perspectives

I only take a walk at the mall when I badly need some shopping (grocery shopping included). Otherwise, I go home straight from office.

* Buy a bouquet of flowers for yourself. Or pick one from your garden.

I bought a single rose for myself on Valentine’s day.

* Turn off the phone, and allow your answering machine to pick up your calls. This is a mindsaver.

Hmmm… no answering machine.

* Snuggle up with a good book.

I’ve stopped reading books lately, just articles… mostly online.

* Put on your favorite music. You can even turn it up loud, and dance; if you have toddlers they love this, too.

Aw, I love music. I always sing – that’s one way of putting my little one to sleep.

* Call a friend, and settle in with a hot cup of tea, give yourself time to enjoy the conversation.

Yep, one friend doesn’t approve of my not going out and not rewarding myself from time to time. I’ve always been a homebody, it’s one way of carrying on the old traditions. Neither do I like too much attention nor spending so much by frequent night-outs or dine-outs.

* Run the hot water, pour in bath salts, and luxuriate in your tub for a long, fragrant soak at the end of the day.

Hmmm… no bath tub.

* Indulge in getting (or giving) a massage.

I’m used to getting the traditional massage.

* Fix a little favorite comfort food.


* Recall favorite memories, and allow yourself to recreate that feeling with loved ones, or a special moment in your life.

I don’t get to meditate a lot. Maybe I lost ‘it’ somewhere, sometime in the past.

* Write. In your journal, or a love letter to anyone you love, or a poem to express yourself

I used to write a diary on paper. (I think I still have the old ones back at my parents’ home.) I used to write poems, anything else. But I still pitch in my ideas whenever I’m having ‘it’.

* Treat yourself to a trip to the salon, a manicure and a pedicure, a shampoo and styling, nothing too different, maybe, but just for the fun.

Yeah, I do that whenever I feel I have to but nothing fancy. I’m not the kind who invests so much on my looks.

* . Rent a great video. Or better yet, go to the library, and borrow it with some good books

The last vcd I rented was Pretty Woman. Of course, I’ve seen that before. It’s one of those movies that I can watch over and over again.

* New Books! There are times only a Borders or Barnes and Noble store will do! Spend the afternoon, on your own or with a friend.

No more books for the moment. I think I need a new pair of glasses; it’s been a year that I haven’t worn one.

* Start a Blessings journal, and take time for God.

I always take time for God. Nothing has changed and nothing ever will.

* Go outside: to the beach, hike in the park, walk in the neighborhood. Bask in the sunshine, examine the trees and the flowers, make up pictures in the clouds, delight in the day.

I will. Promise.

By the way, here are some photos on the christening of Raj on October 14, 2007

More pics here.

Somebody shut off the alarm!

*When Mommy is not happy, no one is happy.
When Mama is not happy, the happiness of the other members in the household is not full.

My husband doesn’t subject himself to changes in mood. He has this grin plastered all over his face that I sometimes find annoying.

* A person who is aroused has no conscience.
What good is a human if he/she cannot control such urges?

* You can’t plant a tree in the morning and expect it to bear fruit the next day.
Yep, yep, I completely agree. That’s why I’m struggling to bear down on my head too much info and tasks for having been handed down the responsibility of debugging an entire application.

And yep, I’m pressed for time. But, relax, Syve! You’ll get used to this; you’ll see how this will benefit you in the long run.

* Leave a tender moment alone.
No, I’m not having a tender moment. I’m furious right now. Furious that I’ve thrown myself into disarray over numerous moments of hesitation.

* To be good at something, you must be willing to be bad at it.
Yup, I’ll be seeing me when I get there.

* Sometimes it is better to be sorry than safe.
I never regretted having a baby ‘cause we got married after we learned about my condition. (We’ve wanted that all along.)

* Wanna feel abundance with just 10 dollars? Give it away!
We’re not talking dollars here, but, yeah, I do that whenever I’m truly moved.

Reference: More Practical Wisdom (article by Jim Paredes)

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