Sunday, March 30, 2008

Take Control!

For me, and I bet most of you will agree, phones are an important resource that we invest on. In our case, the land line phone comes in the package with the internet connection, at least for the duration of the lock-in period. A great offer actually.

Until for some reason, our bills shoot up to 12K! Whew..! That really sent our BPs up and made me utter some unpleasant words for a couple of days. But you see, this is just one of the challenges that we have to overcome as a couple. At least now, some lessons can be learned out of the experience. Don't just rely on trust; try to exercise preventive measures.

But after all's been said and done, you have to get up and elevate yourself from that flashing moment. Bills need to be settled as agreed no matter how painful it is paying for something that you haven't even spent for yourself. And bills should be paid even if it means taking up a loan if you can't pay for it with your current salary. This is a fact that you have to live with. Just be sure to get back right on track when you've fully recovered the loss. We all go through that at some point in our lives.

And while we're at it, here's a cash advance online resource that might help you get that funding that you need. This is worth checking out, folks, as their flexible payment options truly help.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

When Lightning Strikes

My process of collecting ideas for a website has taken quite longer now. But until I come up with a concrete framework of what I want to build, they just have to sit in my repository until I will find better use of them.

What I want to create really is something that is not entirely personal, and with that I mean something not merely for my own use and misuse. So until those things are completely outlined, I am not going to settle for anything I feel still needs time to develop. It doesn’t matter how long it would take me. Time may be of essence, but so is content. I believe illumination will come as it should, but being immature and impulsive has its downside. For once, I want to be sure that I really have that essential something to offer before I make a go on it.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep my brains busy. Maybe I could think of something else other than a website. But whatever it is, it will come to me in time; just like how the pieces of the puzzle will form into an integral whole. Whew, sounds really serious! =]

But among other things, I know I should employ the services of a web hosting company that would provide the right amount of support to maintain my site.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Play Mode

Slot machines may be the most popular among online casino games. After all, playing it doesn’t require skills; it is purely a game of luck and for fun. Some even consider it a starter, to set your mind into the play mode. But for your convenience, you will be provided with the ambiance to speed up and get you into casino mode, ready to handle the excitement that’s sure to come.

There are a lot of online slots you can choose to play. When you join online gaming, you would be given a welcome bonus which varies in every online casino. Before taking up any of these many offers, it would be wise to check out the current best options as per expert and user reviews.

As a rule of thumb, before you start on anything, be sure to read the necessary how-to’s so you would take full advantage of your experience. In the case of online gaming, it would ensure you full pleasure out of your gaming. And then it’s up to you to decide if you want more than just the fun factor of it.

Syve's Blah

Let me begin this piece by saying that I try to limit my TV viewing to programs that are truly entertaining and a bit educational.

Ay, duh! As if!

I’m actually checking on the latest on local showbiz online every now and then; I’ve had that passion for local artists since I was little. I even wrote to and got replies from some of them when I was younger (to mention one, it’s Donna Cruz). Yep, I was that fanatic that when I was in college and Judy Ann came to visit Ayala at the height of the Mara Clara fame, I was one of those who braved the siksikan crowd just to see her closer. Haha!

Anyway, lately my gossip sources (both text and video) are,, and With, I also get to see documentaries that I missed on TV, simply because with local TV, you really don’t get too see much quality shows so better skip the habit altogether... hmmm, save for some local showbiz programs. Hehehe.

But anyway, somehow I’ve outgrown the obsession for celebrities because I don’t watch local movies anymore; it even takes a lot of convincing before I watch a foreign film on big screen. Although it’s actually the kuripot side of me that is at work here. I would prefer waiting for the version that’s available online. Haha!

But let me share this one first that I've experienced lately -- celebrating the International Women's Day! So here goes my kudos to every woman out there... What an amazing creature God has made out of you!!! =]

Saturday, March 22, 2008

In My Room, I Sat Down and Wrote a Blog Entry

I just realized I’ve been posting six paid blogs in a row and thought about the rules that I may have violated, not to mention my own personal life’s rules. Hehe. So far, I think I’ve done well in a number of aspects.

Not so well, though. There have been some struggles I’ve managed to overcome lately and somehow, I’ve grown both personally and professionally. But there are still a lot of skills that I want to develop, both soft and hard. Right now, I’m just thankful of the opportunities coming my way and I will try to make the most out of them.

We had this task of plotting our journey line and to this day, I haven’t actually sat down to do it. Suddenly, there’s so much to do for me. Which goes back to my reading on how to live twenty-four hours a day. I have this habit of adding unnecessary pressure on myself that sometimes spoils some hours that I will never, ever recover. The me, the me, the me. In spite of the unpleasantries, the me nevertheless.

Need Financial Help?

A home loan is what every financially able family lists to be among the top priorities. I say, financially able. Most people are relying on their salaries, which alone cannot cover all the necessary expenses for the family including kids’ education.

Then enters the financial institutions granting assistance, and you thought they’re truly heaven-sent, temporarily relieving you from financial burden. I say temporarily. Later, you realize you are amiss in making payments as your needs will not, unfortunately, be reduced. And so you seek the help of another financial institution and with so doing you increase the risk of getting badly in debt.

At any point in our lives, we resort to borrowing money or getting credit. No matter how we tighten the budget, there are necessary expenses like home loan with interest that we have to pay for. But the key here is weighing the options properly before you decide on taking any.

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Wanna Have Some Fun?

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Still on Online Business

If you're really intent at pursuing an online business but undecided with all those options swarming up, try the ones whose worth have been proven and tested. Here are among the reasons why you should choose Ashop Commerce:

  1. You can choose shopping cart software features according to a pricing plan that's truly affordable for you.

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Now that's real value for your money, don't you think so?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Online Business, Anyone?

Let me start by saying that it has been proven that most enterpreneurs are born, not made. If you've got what it takes to be a successful in business, go for it. Just be sure to choose what best suits your personality. There are a lot of online sites that can aid you in finding out what's your entrepreneurial personality type, in case you might want to try.

Now, we are talking about real business strategies for those who have established themselves, and would want to expand their territories and reach across borders. The answer would be to build a website. Internet usage statistics data reveal more than one billion internet users around the world, with the usage growth continuously increasing.

Imagine the potential of even a very small percentage of that number to build your online client base. A little downside of this strategy is the cost of building and maintaining a website, especially for the small to medium-sized businesses. Well, Ashop Commerce has a very good offer for a variety of ecommerce software needs. They offer online shopping cart software that is fully customizable for a pricing plan to best suit your business needs. Take advantage of their award-winning online business solutions for an affordable monthly fee.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Games that People Play

Consider this. You are given this chance of a lifetime to do anything, just about anything. What would you do? I can surely guess that you would you want to do the things you haven't done before. Honestly, the more I've read on references for this task, the more it gets me excited to give it a shot. Even for once. It would surely be in my list. And then we'll see how far it would take me.

But it shouldn't be that difficult to start since playing casino games has been just a click away. And they say, more often than not, with casino online, you will get almost the same adrenaline rush. Although personally, I would want to experience the real one – like in MGM Grand where Manny Pacquaio won a fight last year. Yuhoo!

You can play for money or you can play for fun; choose the option that's best for you. Just set your limits. And if you don't know the rules, there are a lot of online references. Then you can start building your skills.

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