Friday, July 27, 2007


These things I learned/noticed/observed firsthand in my journey into motherhood:

1. I didn’t know labor and delivery could be insanely painful. Dili jud lalim!

Of course it didn’t help that my doctor said I had a “slight” hemorrhoids (medical people, forgive my description if there is nothing as such). Lami man gud ng hot and spicy oi!

2. One cannot accurately predict the baby’s gender based on general physical appearance.

Everyone was saying I was having a girl, even Karl did. The second ultrasound report didn’t tell the baby’s gender. Only my sister and I wanted to go against common conception, out of ardent desire for a male in our family besides my father.

That desire was buried deep into my subconscious that I dreamed of delivering a baby boy thrice! But I wasn’t about to make any firm statement or lay a wager on it. I was afraid that my mother’s instinct would be wrong (Oh, how many times didn’t I listen to it!).

So when a boy finally forced his way out of me after what felt like a struggle of eternity, it felt surreal that I just stared at the baby – no emotions at all. (But then again, how can one register an emotion when she is too weak and at some point, felt like about to die?)

No, I don’t think labor pains take some getting used to.

3. Breasts are for breastfeeding, regardless of size.

Breastfeeding can be initially sore and painful (believe me, I’ve shed some tears on this!) but at the same time, refusal to nurse your baby could send your body temperature at a feverish pitch.

4. It’s normal for infants to respond to the slightest sound or movement.

I swear, this one can be truly amusing! One of the peculiar joys of a mother (and to onlookers).

We didn't have younger ones in the family, never even carried a baby in my arms before for more than 3 minutes!

Well, well… so much to learn. Until next time!

Aziraj Kent (Raj)

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