Friday, February 02, 2007


When I initially tried to write this, I was so sleepy without cure that I ended up doing nothing at all that’s work-related. Two days later, I’m still as disorganized. Sometimes doing my weekday routine of waking up early to feed our appetites (mine and my baby’s) though I slept late the night before makes me exhausted. But for a change, it’s about doing something that’s way beyond oneself. I’ve always loved opportunities of those kinds.

I think of those people who take their jobs to heart so much against those who rarely feel responsible, much less commit, to their works. Sometimes I find myself falling somewhere in between. But I’m keeping track of that aspect of my life.

Lately, I’ve grown more interested in the things that are practical. Things that are involving less of the emotions and more of the real exchange of value between two people – especially that of husband and wife and of mother and child. Yup, being married changes a lot of things.

Surprises have come my way in various ways. Our month-old marriage continues to unveil wonders of beauty and duty. I must say I did not read and know much about all these; I do things as I feel. I may be playing it safe in other domains (for one, the social sphere) most of the time, but we all have our own ways of making a mark in this world.

To quote a few of the lines from one of my favorite classics:
* You will be beautiful or ugly, wise or ignorant, fortunate or unfortunate, according to what use you make of yourself here and now.
* Some harvests are longer in growing than others, but they all grow in time.

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