Friday, August 15, 2008

Weird Lang

Today is 08-08-08; for some, it’s something special. But I intend to spoil it, anyway

If there is such thing as being prone to ingrown nails, that should be me. I don’t know how many times I have endured the pain having to find the culprit scrap of a nail that wasn’t taken out as should have been. Hayyy, I really wish those times I could have a dose of anesthesia! Mavuang ko sa kasakit!

There was one instance when my sister was there to rescue; I was crying all the while she was tinkering with my swollen toe. As if I was watching an uber-drama special.

Makes me really wonder how I survived the throes of childbirth given my low tolerance for pain. It’s one of life’s miracles – one where I experienced pain of the extreme kind that left me extremely powerless and helpless. Well, even that is an understatement; I thought I was on my final moments. No kidding.

Well, I’m not trying to scare anyone who hasn’t been there yet. I just want to say that you should think a hundred times if you’re thinking of having a baby.

Wah! Kidding.

Find out for yourself, anyway. That first time was traumatic enough for me that if I would absolutely have it my sanest way, I will happily make do with one child. I might not be able to handle another round of it. Yes, I’m scared… to death.

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