Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Time is Now!

It is once said that you should make it a religion of everyday if you’re really intent on succeeding at something. For the sole purpose of making this newfound principle work, I have to commend myself for trying to keep on track. And it’s been five days now.

Though this entry is going to be short because I don’t feel that well today (just temporarily physically), I still thank God knowing that the day has come and gone with my loved ones safe and sound. I have always been the one who says her prayers many times during the day (and, of course, closes the day in prayer). Blogging about it is just something I add to my daily habit.

For some who may have taken up the view that another day is something that naturally arrives and comes to pass, well, this is an attempt to find a day’s true worth to avoid regarding it as just “another” 24-hour episode. Everyday is a gift; let us cherish it as it comes, holding it in high esteem as if it were the last day that we are to live. That way, we go beyond our usual routine, get to accomplish more and live a life to the full. This is very positive.

Have you always wanted to grab the microphone and sing your heart out, although your voice doesn’t have that top singing quality? Planned to say “I love you” to someone but never had the guts to do so? Have always wanted to take up Master’s Degree but never found the time? What are you waiting for? Today might be your last chance to act on it, so do it NOW!

NOW is what you have; NOW might be the time you only have. Make NOW count while it lasts; make the most of NOW!

So NOW I’ll thank God for giving the best life that I could ever have! =)

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